What is the EZ BMI Percentile Calculator?

The EZ BMI Percentile Calculator is an Excel spreadsheet that has all the required formulas and data necessary to calculate the BMI percentile given the student's birth date, sex, height, weight and test date. Based on the birth date and testing date the student's age is calculated. From their height and weight, the BMI is calculated. Using the student's age, gender and BMI, their BMI percentile is calculated. 

How is this calculator different from other BMI calculators available?

This spreadsheet calculates and permanently stores all your BMI data (Input data - Student name, ID, birth date, sex, height, weight, BMI and Calculated data - age, BMI, BMI Percentile,  BMI Status (Normal, underweight, at risk, overweight) and Health Weight Range

From the research we have done, there are several web sites that will calculate the BMI and BMI percentile, all you have to do is enter the sex, height, weight, and age (so how old was Kelly - birth date 01/12/96 and a test date of 10/16/2008), it will calculate the BMI percentile but now you have to enter info back into the student's record.  This process takes days for a school of 500.

There is handheld BMI Calculator but it only calculates BMI. There is a scale that will calculate BMI. But neither of these calculates the BMI Percentile.

There is a wheel available that will calculate BMI percentile, but you still need to calculate the child's age, then fiddle with the wheel (a total of 3 steps are required) to get the percentile, then you need to record the BMI, BMI Percentile and BMI Status. With the EZ BMI Percentile Calculator you eliminate all those tedious steps.

Remember you can import most of the basic student data from the school's data base, so the only data that is actually entered is height, weight and test date (since that is typically the same for a class, that information is easily copied into the student's record).

(Kelly is 12.8 years old or 12 years 9 months)

What are the System Requirements to run the EZ BMI Percentile Calculator?


Processor:  1 GHz or faster processor 
Memory: 1 GB minimum
Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Office for Windows Versions 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 or 2016
Microsoft Word is required to use the EZ Mail function (Deluxe Edition)
Hard Disk: 15 MB for a recommended install


Processor: Mac OS X—compatible processor or higher
Memory: 256 MB minimum
Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Office for Mac Versions v. X,  2004, 2011 or 2016
Microsoft Word is required to use the EZ Mail function  (Deluxe Edition)
Hard Disk: 15 MB for a recommended install
Note the Mac version will not work with Office 2008

How do I receive the EZ BMI Spreadsheet?

After you place an order, you will receive an email from order@ezbmi.com  providing instructions on how to download the product. Make sure your filtering software is set to receive this email. If you order the Basic Edition you will download a single Excel (.xls/.xlsm) file. The Deluxe Edition is downloaded as a single self-extracting file which contains the 40 files included in the Deluxe Edition. 

How do I distribute the EZ BMI Calculator?

The school district/organization should designate one person (typically assigned in the Purchase Order) that receives and distributes the software and updates.

Once you have downloaded the file, you have several options.

    1. Email a copy of the file to each of the users.

    2. Place a copy of the program on a central server and send out an email instructing the users where to find it (Recommended).

    3. Place a copy of the program on the school server and and send out an email instructing the users where to find it.

    4. Copy the file(s) to a CD/DVD and distribute.

    5. Copy the file(s) to a Flash drive.

Does this spreadsheet run on Apple based systems?

Yes, the Mac version runs on Apple OS X systems running Office 2004 or 2011. The current version will not run on Office for mac 2008. 

Can I run the Windows version on the Mac and vice versa?

Yes. They are actually the same files.

Windows Owners

Opening and saving any of the spreadsheet files on a Mac will remove the Office ribbon function permanently.

Mac Owners

The Office Ribbon function is not supported by Office 2011.

Can I import data from the district database or other files?

You can import the information in you school district's database into this spreadsheet such as student name, ID, sex, birth date. Also you could import the student's height, weight and testing date and the spreadsheet will calculate the BMI, Percentile and BMI Status (normal, at risk, overweight, underweight).

Excel has the ability to import data from many different file types such as Word, Access,  Quattro Pro, Lotus, and text files

Why do I get wrong dates when import data?

The Windows version of Excel defaults to a date system based on January 1, 1904, that is dates are store as a number based on the number of days since January 1, 1904. Other programs including the Excel for Mac use a date system based on January 1, 1900. To correct this, in Excel on the menu select, Tools, Options, Calculation Tab and check or uncheck 1904 date system. Fortunately when sharing spreadsheets between Windows and Mac versions the spreadsheet detects the date system used. 

How many students can the spreadsheet track?

The EZ BMI Percentile spreadsheet can be set up to track up to 5000 students per worksheet. You can have as many worksheets as you desire within a single spreadsheet.

The Deluxe version Auto BMI Charting spreadsheet can retrieve data from 24 worksheets.

The Class Statistics spreadsheet can retrieve data from 12 spreadsheets containing unlimited worksheets.

How are the different Pennsylvania percentile categories handled?

There was a small nuance in Pennsylvania BMI Categories but Pennsylvania's has revised them to match the CDC categories for 2015-2016. 

Can all the BMI data reside on a central server ?

Yes, you can set up a single BMI Percentile Calculator on a central server with multiple users accessing the data. Access is controlled by password. Note a license is required for each user.

How do I get updates?

Each of the spreadsheets checks monthly for updates and gives you the option to download the updates. You may also check for updates at any time, by clicking the Check for Updates button located in the Help or Updates tab.

I record the student BMI twice a year, how to I set up the spreadsheet?

The charting program requires a different worksheet for each series of BMI screenings. That is a child should be entered only once in any worksheet. The easiest way to do this is, if you screen in the Fall and Spring, create a Fall and Spring spreadsheet.

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