EZBMI Software

This worksheet allows the user generate a letter to parents 
reporting the results of Growth and/or Blood Pressure Screening
Spanish versions included.

The data can be compiled from up to multiple spreadsheets.
Once the data is gathered, the user can review the information and edit it if necessary.

Using the EZ Mail spreadsheet, the Results Letter to Parents is generated. 
EZ BMI offers several letter templates, including Spanish versions.
You may also create your own letter templates.

EZ Mail includes the following templates:

  • Pre-Screening Letter to Parents – Letter to send parents prior to performing BMI screening. (Also in Spanish)
  • Results Letter To Parents – Letter to parents informing them of the student’s results. (Mail Merge from EZ Mail.xls) (Also in Spanish)
  • Healthy Kids - Customizable 2 &  4 page letter on BMI and what it means, including tips on healthy eating and exercise.
  • BMI for-Age – CDC’s information on how BMI is used.
  • Stature-for-Age - CDC Stature (Height)-for-Age Percentile Charts for Boys & Girls, 2 to 20 years
  • BMI-for-Age-Percentile -  CDC Body Mass Index-for-Age Percentile Charts for Boys & Girls, 2 to 20 years

EZ Mail