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This BMI percentile calculator was developed by a school nurse in 2004. She was tired of having to estimate each child's age to the nearest quarter year and then plot by eye the BMI and age to determine the percentile. Now schools across the US are using this spreadsheet to calculate and track student BMI Percentiles. As of today over 2300 schools are monitoring more than 2,000,000 students with the EZ BMI Percentile Calculator.


This Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheet allows you to calculate children’s BMI and CDC percentile with the click of your mouse. Simply enter height, weight, age, sex, and you're done - the computer does the work for you! New - works with either US or Metric Units


With more and more states requiring the tracking of BMI and BMI Percentile, this spreadsheet is invaluable. Current users include school districts, county and state health departments, community outreach programs, doctor's offices, children's hospitals and medical schools.

The EZ BMI Percentile Calculator is fully compatible between Windows and Mac.

Basic – Calculates BMI, BMI Percentile, BMI Category and Healthy Weight Range based student data including Student ID, Name, Birth Date, Sex, Home Room, Testing , Height and Weight.

New - The BMI Categories may now be customized - the standard CDC categories are Underweight, Healthy weight, Overweight and Obese

Download the calculator version that matches your version of Office by right clicking the following link and select Save Target As

BMI Percentile Demo Calculator (Office 2003 & earlier)

 BMI Percentile Demo Calculator (Office 2007, 2010, 2011 & 2013)


 BMI Percentile
v2013 (Demo)
 School District 
   BMI Assessment
Last, First Initial
Birth DateSex
Room/ Teacher
Testing DateHT
BMIHealthy Weight Range
Low / High
12008-002Adams, Amy8/20/1999F5062/4/200947.50479.4747.0047.5014.6446214.5Healthy weight
22008-006Adams, Andrew8/20/1999M5022/4/200953.2561.59.4761.5053.2515.2577625.0Healthy weight
32008-009Harrison, Haley10/30/1998F5022/4/200950.008510.2785.0050.0023.9507296.0Obese
42008-007Jackson, James7/20/1999M5012/4/200951.50549.5554.0051.5014.353727.6Healthy weight
52008-003Jefferson, Jennifer10/25/1998F5052/4/200949.5054.510.2954.5049.5015.6497026.0Healthy weight
62008-004Madison, Mary12/25/1998F5062/4/200947.755510.1255.0047.7517.0466551.6Healthy weight
72008-005Monroe, Mike11/25/1998M5012/4/200950.507210.2072.0050.5019.8527187.3Overweight
82008-010Tyler, Tina2/8/1999F5022/4/200952.255710.0057.0052.2514.7547712.3Healthy weight
92008-008Van Buren, Vince4/3/1999M5012/4/200946.75519.8551.0046.7516.4446047.6Healthy weight
102008-001Washington, Walt11/20/1999M5062/4/200949.5049.510.2449.5049.5013.850684.4Underweight


    Deluxe – Includes the following:

+        BMI-Percentile Calculator  – Calculates BMI, BMI Percentile, BMI Category and Healthy Weight Range based student data including Student ID, Name, Birth Date, Sex, Home Room, Testing , Height and Weight.- (NEW) - US & Metric Units

+    (NEW) EZ BP Calculator  – Tool to assess hypertension in children and adolescents as well as BMI, BMI Percentile and BMI Category - US & Metric Units

+       Auto BMI Charting - Spreadsheet allows the user to recall data to plot the BMI for an individual child.


+       Manual BMI Charting - Spreadsheet allows the user to input data to plot the BMI for an individual child

+       (New) Height & Weight Charting - Spreadsheet allows the user to recall data to plot the Height and Weight data for an individual child

+       Class Statistics - Spreadsheet compiles and charts class, grade or school BMI data - New - now includes Blood Pressure data

+    EZ Mail - This spreadsheet will compile the data from up to 12 BMI or Blood Pressure files and ready the data to merge in to the Results Letter to Parents

+        Pre-Screening Letter to Parents – Letter to send parents prior to performing BMI screening. (Also in Spanish)

+       Results Letter To Parents – Letter to parents informing them of the student’s results. (Mail Merge from EZ Mail.xls) (Also in Spanish)

+        Healthy Kids - Customizable 2 &  4 page letter on BMI and what it means, including tips on healthy eating and exercise.

+       BMI for-Age – CDC’s information on how BMI is used.

+       Stature-for-Age - CDC Stature (Height)-for-Age Percentile Charts for Boys & Girls, 2 to 20 years

+       BMI-for-Age-Percentile -  CDC Body Mass Index-for-Age Percentile Charts for Boys & Girls, 2 to 20 years

The spreadsheet includes fully customizable columns to store your own specific need data. Additionally all the column headings are customizable.
Share all your data in one central BMI Spreadsheet if desired (license required for each user)

Both software packages are discounted for Multiple Users


1-5 Users

6 -20 Users

20+ Users


EZ BMI Calculator -  Basic       $40 per user $35 per user $30 per user   
EZ BMI Calculator - Deluxe  $50 per user $45 per user $40 per user   

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